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Clint Eastwood Lookalike (UK)


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Clint Eastwood Lookalike

Our Clint Eastwood lookalike could be riding into town if you book him for your big event. This macho movie tough guy has had a diverse career spanning six decades and won’t be hanging up his Stetson any time soon.

Born during the Great Depression, Clint’s youth was spent travelling around California whilst his father struggled to find work. But his rugged good looks soon got him noticed. The only man ever to make a poncho look cool, his famous squint and low gravelly voice were the perfect assets for cowboy, Rowdy Yates, in the TV western, Rawhide.

From small screen star to silver screen icon, Eastwood found further fame and fortune as an unorthodox cop in the Dirty Harry series, turning “Go ahead, make my day” into a pop-culture mantra. Still not satisfied with all his success, Clint Eastwood has also directed several Academy Award winning films, been appointed mayor and set up his own range of golfing apparel.

Tighten your holster, don your spurs and hire our Clint Eastwood lookalike for a night wilder than the Wild West.



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