R2-D2 Lookalike (UK)

R2-D2 Lookalike (UK)


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R2-D2 Lookalike

No longer in a galaxy far, far away, our R2-D2 lookalike has arrived from the Star Wars universe and is programmed to party. With his playful whistles and big round eye, it hasn’t taken Artoo a space age to work his way into our hearts.

Despite looking like an industrial vacuum cleaner, R2-D2 is a resourceful and spunky little droid packed with personality and a taste for adventure, often having to demonstrate great bravery, rescuing his masters and their friends from peril. Having spent decades in operation, Artoo has hidden many nifty gadgets in his cylindrical frame, always finding a use for them in pivotal moments of galactic history. Whether repairing spaceships or projecting holograms, there’s nothing this little guy can’t do!

Bleep bloop bloop bloop bleep! Bloop. Translation: Listen up sci-fi geeks, book me for your next event and you’ll get the best R2-D2 lookalike this side of the Hoth!

You can also book Artoo’s robot companion, our C3PO lookalike, to join forces and create a nerdy night of fun that will be out of this world!

Lookalikes can be used in many different ways to suit your needs. When booking our lookalikes we can also suggest ways in which you can get the best impact for your event or promotion. Lookalikes are are proven way of gaining attention and leaving a lasting memory that people will talk about and share way after your event.

From Corporate events, Mix and Mingles, Meet and Greets, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Themed events, Christmas Parties, Shop openings, Product launches, press releases, photo shoots, commercials, Body doubling, Tribute nights, TV programmes, Hosting, Award Ceremonies, Stag and Hen Parties, Conferences, Exhibitions, Team Building and much more!

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