Miley Cyrus Lookalike (US)

Miley Cyrus Lookalike (US)


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Miley Cyrus Lookalike

Hire our Miley Cyrus lookalike to have the wrecking ball of super stardom causing a sensation at your special event. The squeaky clean Disney tween has certainly undergone something of an image change recently.

After shaving her hair into those infamous platinum bangs, Miley has evolved into the hot-pant clad pop rocker that’s been twerking her way across every magazine front cover this year. As the daughter of Southern crooner Billy Ray Cyrus, the blinged out bombshell is used to spending her life in the public eye and Miley won’t stop making headlines anytime soon. So get your foam fingers at the ready if you want a night of #YOLO selfie posting shenanigans as our double easily equals her for attitude.

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