Paris Hilton Lookalike (Germany)

Paris Hilton Lookalike (Germany)


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Paris Hilton Lookalike

If you’re also a fan of the finer things in life, hire our Paris Hilton lookalike, everyone’s favourite spoiled socialite. Swanning from one sexy soiree to the next, this red carpet regular is the heiress of the Hilton hotel empire and a fixture on the New York party scene.

Famous for being famous, Paris has always had a wide range of business interests, splitting her time between runways and movie sets. But it was after that infamous video circulated the internet that the A-lister really became a media sensation.

When she’s not singing, acting or posing, Ms. Hilton relaxes at her Beverly Hills mansion. Complete with a room full of Jimmy Choos and a mini Italian villa for her pampered pooches, Paris never out grew her Barbie doll, instead she replaced her.

Hire our Paris Hilton lookalike and make your night all about me, me, me.

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