Borat Lookalike (UK)

Borat Lookalike (UK)


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Borat Lookalike

Our Borat lookalike should come with a health warning! Hire the moustachioed Kazakh journalist for a rib-crackingly, face-hurtingly funny night.

The brainchild of British comic revolutionary Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat is the cult classic movie in which Cohen hides behind his alter ego, the title character, a man molded from every bad third-world stereotype. Leaving his native Kazakhstan to make a state TV documentary for the Government, Borat journeys across America in a series of ever increasingly outrageous mishaps. On his travels Cohen in character collides with real people who aren’t in on the joke and, with his butchered English and blatant bigotry, mercilessly offends just about everyone.

A goldmine of turbo-charged gags and slapstick silliness, our Borat lookalike will make you laugh till it hurts and you’ll still beg for more!

Lookalikes can be used in many different ways to suit your needs. When booking our lookalikes we can also suggest ways in which you can get the best impact for your event or promotion. Lookalikes are are proven way of gaining attention and leaving a lasting memory that people will talk about and share way after your event.

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