Britney Spears Lookalike (UK)

Britney Spears Lookalike (UK)


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Britney Spears Lookalike

You no longer have to smooch Madonna to get yourself noticed, just hire our Britney Spears lookalike to drop by your event. The not so sweet and innocent Southern girl is one of the most successful, and often most controversial, solo artists in pop music.

A former Mouseketeer from the Disney channel, among other up-and-coming talents including Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, Britney always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. And Spears has certainly been a tabloid obsession ever since sashaying her way down a corridor in a school uniform singing “Baby, One More Time”. Whether she’s shaving her hair off diva style, getting a quickie wedding in Vegas or recording another instant smash, we’ve followed Britney all the way.

And our Britney Spears lookalike doesn’t only have the face of the iconic megastar but also the voice, she’ll certainly steal the show.

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