Austin Powers Lookalike (UK)

Austin Powers Lookalike (UK)


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Austin Powers Lookalike

On a mission to make sure your party is unforgettable, book our Austin Powers lookalike to bring a little extra mojo to any event. The lusty London super-agent become a cult success when his character was created for the title role in the movie trilogy.

An affectionate spoof of the Bond films, Powers is a 60’s swinger stuck in the square 90’s, battling against his arch nemesis, Doctor Evil, to save the world from total domination. These retro romps are famed for their randy antics, silly outfits and nutty characters, not least the crude, rude and infectiously funny spy. Being groovy is nothing new for our time-warped double either. His psychedelic wardrobe and smooth talking one-liners are sure to make him irresistible amongst your guests.

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