Anne Robinson Lookalike (UK)

Anne Robinson Lookalike (UK)


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Anne Robinson Lookalike

Hire our Anne Robinson lookalike and she could be bringing that acid tongued wit (and maybe even her trademark wink) to your next event.

Known worldwide as the rudest woman on TV, the Queen of Mean made her name in journalism where she developed a flair for tabloid headlines, before becoming a prime-time presenter and making a fortune insulting the public. The long standing face of cult quiz show, the Weakest Link, Ms. Robinson’s schoolmistress manner and scathing put downs are known to send shivers down the backs of even the bravest contestants. Her features always as rigid as a frozen pizza, you need to be pretty thick skinned to take Anne’s harsh retorts.

She might not make many friends among your guests either, but our Anne Robinson lookalike is the ideal entertainment for a feisty night of fun.

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