Margaret Thatcher Lookalike (UK)

Margaret Thatcher Lookalike (UK)


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Margaret Thatcher Lookalike

Our Margaret Thatcher lookalike will certainly win your vote! From grocer’s daughter to Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Thatcher changed the landscape of politics at home and around the world.

Whether you loved her or loathed her, Maggie T was a Conservative revolutionary who put the Tories back in power and left an enduring stamp on the country. After handbagging her way into 10 Downing Street, the tough-as-nails Iron Lady had a relentless work ethic, spending her days on the phone to world leaders and survived on only four hours sleep a night.

The former PM also considered her fashion choices as savvily as her political climb to the top job, storming the world’s boardrooms in power suits and pearls. Authoritative yet feminine, she helped pave the way for strong women.

Sure to command all the attention at your next event, hire our Margaret Thatcher lookalike now, she’s the splitting image!

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