David Beckham Lookalike (UK)

David Beckham Lookalike (UK)

David Beckham Lookalike

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Seeing is believing when you meet our David Beckham Lookalike, he is so close to David Beckham not only in looks but also height it really takes you back. Not only can he fool the general public with his looks as the England Captain he also does it with his amazing football tricks. Andy has been working as David Beckham for 20¬†years and this has taken him from Japan to Croatia working for all the big names including Vodafone, Sony, Schweppes, MTV, Adidas, Front Magazine and most recently on Sky One in the hit programme LA with the Beckhams. Andy has worked with the REAL David Beckham on many occasions. He also appeared in the hit movie ‘Bend it Like Beckham. If you want Beckham book Andy, and why not team him up with Camilla Shadbolt who is an amazing Victoria Beckham lookalike.


As seen on Britains Got Talent 2010 with The Chippendoubles.

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