50 Cent Lookalike (UK)

50 Cent Lookalike (UK)


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50 Cent Lookalike

Our 50 Cent lookalike and tribute act will get your party started or die tryin’! A star in the underground mix-tape scene for many years, Fifty’s youth was far removed from the fleet of plush cars and million dollar mansions of his subsequent fame.

Product of a broken home, the Queens roughneck was raised in a poverty stricken province and his lyrics storied the hood’s streets, Fifty lived everything most rappers write rhymes about but not all actually experience. Trading crime for hip-hop, the boy once known as Boo-Boo by his family went on to sign a seven-figure contract with Eminem and Dr. Dre and become a million selling MC.

So unless you want to start some serious beef, hire our 50 Cent lookalike to boost your street-cred and make your night one to remember.

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