Storm Trooper Lookalikes

Storm Trooper Lookalikes


For more information please call 0800 8600687, +44 (0)1323 749 922 or 07971 404349. Or add to quote below.

Our Imperial Storm Trooper Lookalikes are fabulous Celebrity impersonators. Their exact replica costumes come complete with replica weapons and they even sound just like the real deal. These foot soldier lookalikes are perfectly suited hired along side any of our Star Wars Doubles especially our Darth Vader, C3p0 and R2-D2. Stormtroopers are great for any wedding, mix and mingle, exhibition stand, Charity fundraiser, product launch, publicity stunt, private party or intergalactic mission. They can be booked individually or as a group. So if you want to join the dark side get in touch

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